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Virus Repair & Removal

We have helped thousands of clients with viruses and other security threats over the last 7 years alone. Our virus and malware removal services are 100% guaranteed for every single job. Our combination of industry leading virus and malware removal technologies and seasoned, experienced technicians, provides our clients with the safest, most secure service for restoring infected computers to like-new condition.

Guaranteed Complete Removal

Our combination of the best available anti-virus and malware removal tools, and seasoned security experts provide our clients the safest most secure service for repairing infected or compromised systems. We’ll provide you with the best options for your unique situation.

We Won’t Lose Your Data

It’s all too common that computer users end up losing valuable data due to virus or malware infections. Many shops treat user data as something of little importance, often resulting in unnecessary data loss for the user. We have the tools and experience to ensure your data is restored and completely disinfected.

The Truth About “Cleanups”

We often help people who have had their infections “cleaned up” by local repair shops or corporate box stores only to suffer from a host of ongoing issues. These often include re-infections, loss of features, slow performance, ongoing random system errors, and internet search redirections, just to name a few. Many shops charge large fees to “remove” viruses, but fail to deliver on their promise. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection, let us fix it for you.

There Is No Single Solution

No anti-virus, internet security, firewall or other security software application is 100% effective. The best, most highly rated security software solutions are around 90% effective at detecting and stopping threats. There is a perpetual arms race between anti-virus firms and professional malware creators, so the situation for the end user is confusing and ever-changing. We can help train you how to recognize threats and practice safe computing habits to reduce your chance of ever being infected in the first place.

There May Be No Symptoms

As threats are often silently installed, users may not even know their security has been breached. We see many computers with severe infections that the owner had no idea were running on their machine. Virus infections are often mis-diagnosed as failing hardware or other problems.

They Invite Their Friends

Once you’ve got one infection, malicious applications often go out to the web to “phone home” and invite their friends to take us residence in your operating system and files. This means that even a minor security breach can quickly become more serious, as the floodgates are opened up to more serious infections.

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