Sun, Sep 27, 2020

Internet Security

Virus and Spyware programs can slow down your Computer and compromise data integrity. If your Computer is behaving poorly, there is a strong likelihood that Virus and Spyware programs are to blame. If your computer is not working as well as it should, we'll identify and fix the problem.

Norton & McAfee - Not highly recommended

Independent research from multiple established and reputable sources has shown that Symantec's Norton, Network Associates McAfee, and Microsoft's One Care are some of the biggest hogs of computer resources. These programs have been shown to be the leading cause of slow system startup. These programs install multiple background services and agents, and often run constant performance reducing scans while you are trying to work.

Eset Smart Security Suite - The industry leader

Leading independent research and our own professional experience has shown that one Internet security software solution stands out above the rest. Eset offers numerous advantages over all other anti-virus and security programs.Eset is proven to score the highest in a number of critical areas. Detection rates of malicious files and code are the highest industry.

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